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Open an account and card in US dollars online, without being a US resident. All you need is your passport or national ID to get started.



No absurd exchange rates or fees



Stop paying way more with your foreign card

get paid

Get paid

From international companies and clients


Save in USD

Save in one of the most stable currencies in the world

Receive, send and spend US dollars

Pay in US dollars

Pay for US products, services and subscriptions in US dollars. Forget the absurd exchange rate and fees.

Add your GrabrFi card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay in-person. Works anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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Get paid showcase

Get paid in US dollars

Work for an international company? Freelance? Get paid in US dollars.

You work hard for your money, don’t lose a cent to the currency exchange rate and fees.

Travel to the US, pay like a local

No need to convert cash or pay more with your foreign card. Enjoy your trip! Pay online and in-person in US dollars with your GrabrFi card.

Withdraw US dollars from any ATM in the US. Free with MoneyPass, Green Dot and Allpoint ATMs.

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Save money in US dollars

Save your hard earned money in one of the most accepted and stable currencies in the world.

You can convert it back to local currency or withdraw it anytime.

Send money in US dollars

Send US dollars to family and friends in 1 click, hassle free.

Send money to yourself and convert US dollars into local currency at the best possible exchange rate with Western Union or Wise.

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Use GrabrFi to get paid from Grabr showcase

GrabrFi and Grabr, save and earn more

Order products from the US and anywhere in the world on Grabr, in US dollars. No more imported prices, no more currency exchange fees.

Get paid for Grabr deliveries in US dollars. Save it, spend it or choose when to withdraw it to local currency, at the best possible rate.

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GrabrFi is safe and secure

Grabr has been in business for 7+ years and is backed by top Silicon Valley investors.

Your money is protected

Through our technology provider, Synapse, and their bank partner in the US, Lineage Bank, Member FDIC, your money is insured up to $250,000 USD by the FDIC.

Your purchases are safe

Your purchases are protected by Mastercard’s zero liability policy. You are not responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions.

24/7 customer support

Have a question or need help? You can email us at or visit our help center. We’re here for you 24/7.

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